Community Races & Contests

"Derby", simply put, is a race or contest open to everyone or to a specified category of contestants. To celebrate Redmond's Derby Days, we're taking the event back to one of its earliest traditions. On Saturday, July 9 following the Grand Parade, we will be offering a series of fun and wacky races geared for all ages. We encourage you, you’re family, friends and colleagues to sign up and have some derby fun!

Race categories will vary upon age group. The sole purpose of this activity is to have fun together and build community spirit in Redmond. It's a derby for everyone - Ready, Set, Go!

Race & Contest Descriptions Registration

Derby Mascot Race

Who: Mascots and kids (ages 12 & under)
Description: Mascots run from the starting spot to the halfway spot then spin 5 circles on the baseball bat, then run to the finish line.

Derby Buggy Race

Who: Ages 4-8
Description: Plastic buggy race where participants zig-zag between cones from start to finish. Buggies will be provided.

Derby Tricycle Races

Who: Ages 3-5 & Ages 6-8 (Two sessions)
Description: Three waves of tricycle races where participants zig-zag between cones from start to finish. Some tricycles will be provided.

Youth Criterium - Intro to Bike Racing

Who: Ages 9-13
Description: Test your skill around the actual Criterium route just before the pros get underway. Participants will be broken into two age brackets, ages 9-11 and ages 12-13. (One lap around one square block)

Watermelon Eating Contest

Who: Ages 7-12 (3pm), Ages 12-18 (4pm)
Description: It is usually HOT on Derby days and there is nothing like a slice of cool watermelon! Join us for our 1st watermelon eating contest; contestants will have 5 minutes to eat as much watermelon possible. Meet at the Whole Foods booth in the City Hall parking lot. Prize will be awarded.
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Pie Eating Contest

Who: Ages 7-8 (2pm), Ages 9-10 (3pm), Ages 11-12 (4pm)
Description: Ready, Set, Eat pie! Contestants will compete to see who can eat a chocolate cream pie the fastest. Look for Pie Eating Tent or ask at the information booth.
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Umpqua Bank Derby Do-Gooder Award

Who: Local Junior or Senior high school students
Description: A reinvention of the Derby Queen, the Derby Do-Gooder Award will be presented to one local Junior or senior high school student. This award celebrates local youth who give back to our community. Students can download an application form to apply. This award will be given every year and the Umpqua Bank Derby Do-Gooder will be honored in the Grand Parade.
2016 finalist has been selected. Congratulations to RHS Senior Karlie Chilcott!